Yoga Guided Psychotherapy





Each individual one hour session will include yoga, meditation and clinical therapy.


The sessions will be tailored to each persons needs. For example, some people wanting to connect more with their body will have a more yoga based psychotherapy, therefore their one hour session will have more time spent on yoga. The main difference between a private class and a YGP session is that the practice is completely tailored to your immediate individual needs. Through the 8 week session program or any single session, you will work individually with your yoga guided psychotherapist using the following techniques: 

  • Design of a STRUCTURAL MAP, based on Systemic Therapy developed by Salvador Minuchin, that represents the actual relationship between your body-mind-environment. 

  • MINDFUL DIALOGUE to bring awareness to the present moment experience and clarify your actual state of wellbeing.

  • Integration and explanation of YOGA and PSYCHOLOGY CONCEPTS during the practice, such as “emotional awareness”.

  • Use of SOMATIC RESOURCING developed by Peter Levine, by attuning our mind and body to sensations of safety and wellness.

  • Give guidance to provide a greater AWARENESS to your INNER EXPERIENCE (thoughts, feelings, sensations, etc.).

  • Provide direct OBSERVATION AND FEEDBACK about the relational dynamic between your body-mind-environment.

  • Enhacing INTEROCEPTION (how our body feels) and PROPIOCEPTION (the position of our body in space) awareness.

  • Asanas or PHYSICAL POSTURES to help improve flexibility, strength, coordination, balance, and circulation. 

  • Prana or BREATH WORK to stimulate or calm your energy, depending on your need at the moment. 

  • MEDITATION based on your body experience or INTEROCEPTION. 

Whether you are stressed or want to experience your body and mind differently, this uniquely designed yoga psychotherapy practice will help you find WELLBEING within you and ultimately with your surroundings.

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Yoga Guided Psychotherapy


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Yoga Guided Psychotherapy


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A Breath to Healthcare Professional Program

At Piti Mane Yoga we’re committed helping our health-care professionals every step of the way during COVID-19 pandemic. New surveys reveal overall higher stress levels and specially among health-care professional, which are overwhelmed by the magnitude of the pandemic.


We want to provide a FREE and PERSONALIZED YGP program, that will increase overall personal wellbeing and reduce stress levels.  We’re constantly growing and expanding our service options, so if you have something in mind, we’d love to hear about it.

For more information please get in touch

Free Initial


During the first initial consultation a CONSENT and INTAKE FORM will be completed and we will design together a structural map about the actual relationship between your body-mind-environment. ​


This includes briefly discussing your current lifestyle and background.


With this service, we ensure we create a PERSONALIZED YOGA PRACTICE EXPERIENCE, only for you.

1 hour

Online yoga platform

we are mostly an online yoga platform

At the moment, we are mostly an online yoga platform with services provided via Zoom or Skype. We are an international organization with a flexible schedule to provide services as needed.

 If you prefer a one-on-one session in-person yoga session, please contact us and we'll try to accommodate your needs.